What our customers are saying

"Teaching Wi-Fi hands on skills for the last 8 years, we have used the latest and best tools. The release of WinFi not only ranks #1 on our tools list, it means re-writing our courses and labs to leverage its superior features and functions that leave all other Wi-fi analysis tools in the dust."

- Andrew Walding President of CellStream Inc.

"My dreams have finally come true with a truly amazing wireless scanning tool for windows, thank you so much Helge!"

- Matt Starling wifininjas.net

"WinFi fills large gaps on the Windows platform that others have not. It is already my go-to application for protocol analysis of nearby networks. I highly recommend it."

- Josh Schmelzle Senior Wireless Engineer

"Absolutely best Windows WiFi Scanning tool that has completely blown my mind away today ;) Thanks Helge, hands down buddy."

- Mac Deryng wifininjas.net

Windows WiFi analysis starts with WinFi

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