Windows, WiFi, WinFi.

The Windows WiFi Analyzer you have been waiting for.
Powerful WiFi Analytics on-the-go with any Device, any NIC.


Quick Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

WinFi and a Windows 10 device of your choice,
makes convenient on-the-go analysis..

802.11ax support

WinFi supports 802.11ax and 6 GHz,
incl. all related Information Elements.

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Or it didn't happen

Import and Export from and to PCAP,
incl. Radio Tap Headers on any NIC.

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Session recording

Session recording to your RAM or HDD,
if you want with live compression.

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Accessible WiFi Analysis

Discover effortless WiFi Analysis

No need to buy and carry special and expensive hardware. Just use the device you are already having.

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Easy to use

Beautiful and self explaining intuitive user interface.


Everything you need to know for quick troubleshooting.

Any Device

WinFi works on any Windows 10 device, don't buy a new one.

Make it simple

WinFi starts super fast and is just one click away.

Some features you get with WinFi

We add new features and awesomeness regularly.

Recommended by leading industry experts

WinFi is used by engineers worldwide

"Teaching Wi-Fi hands on skills for the last 8 years, we have used the latest and best tools. The release of WinFi not only ranks #1 on our tools list, it means re-writing our courses and labs to leverage its superior features and functions that leave all other Wi-fi analysis tools in the dust."

- Andrew Walding President of CellStream Inc.

"My dreams have finally come true with a truly amazing wireless scanning tool for windows, thank you so much Helge!"

- Matt Starling

"WinFi fills large gaps on the Windows platform that others have not. It is already my go-to application for protocol analysis of nearby networks. I highly recommend it."

- Josh Schmelzle Senior Wireless Engineer

"Absolutely best Windows WiFi Scanning tool that has completely blown my mind away today ;) Thanks Helge, hands down buddy."

- Mac Deryng

Windows WiFi analysis starts with WinFi

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